Holidays in Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades islands is the most popular island group in Greece, visited by millions of tourists every summer. In fact, the top Greek destinations are located in Cyclades, more particularly Santorini and Mykonos. However, there are also other wonderful Greek islands in Cyclades group, such as Paros, Naxos, Milos, Sifnos, Andros and many others. Although in this section we currently present a handful of the fantastic Cycladic islands, more presentations will follow soon.

Located so close to Athens, the Greek capital, the Cyclades can be accessed in few hours by ferry or in few minutes by plane. Actually many islands have regional airports that receive internal flights from Athens and also charter flights from abroad in tourism season. Famous for the traditional Cycladic architecture, the wonderful beaches and relaxing atmosphere, this group of Greek islands is made of many delightful Greek destinations. Here is our Cyclades islands travel guide with all useful tourist information plus a wide range of Cyclades hotels.

Paros in Cyclades, Greece

Paros is among the most popular islands of Cyclades. Geographically located almost in the center of the group, it has all the characteristics of the Cycladic islands: traditional architecture with white houses and narrow paths, wonderful beaches and strong summer winds, which actually provide great opportunities for windsurfing and kite. As Paros island is located in the centre of Cyclades, it has good ferry connection with close islands, therefore it can be a great base for island tours.

Milos in Cyclades, Greece

One of the most beautiful and romantic islands in Cyclades, Milos is an island with raw beauty and impressive landscape. What many people do not know is that Milos actually has an active volcanic crater in the centre of the island. The landscape is generally volcanic, which is why it offers spots with unique geology, such as Sarakiniko beach with the white rocks, Kleftiko Sea Caves or Glaronissia islets. Very charateristic are also the fishing villages of Milos with the boat garages.

Amorgos in Cyclades, Greece

Amorgos is one of the most picturesque and authentic islands in Greece. Located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, Amorgos island distinguishes for the Cycladic villages, the crystal water and the wild landscape. This is a great destination for couples and hikers. In fact, the entire island is crossed by many hiking paths that lead to naturist beaches, old chapels and spots with breathtaking view. Chora, Aegialis and Katapola are the three main settlements in Amorgos island and the most tourist developed places.

Andros in Cyclades, Greece

Only 2 hours by ferry from Athens (from the port of Rafina), Andros is a relaxing island that remains calm even in high season. It distinguishes for the Cycladic architecture, the nice beaches and the hiking paths in the countryside. Andros is also a great island for jeep safari: there are many track paths that lead to totally secluded beaches, where you will probably be on your own all day long.

Sifnos in Cyclades, Greece

The small island of Sifnos, in western Cyclades, is an authentic place with traditional character and lovely beaches. This is a typical Cycladic island, with small houses and blue domed churches. Kamares, Vathy, Farous and Platis Gialos are the most popular beach places to stay in Sifnos, while Kastro is a very picturesque villages. In September, a Traditional Cooking Festival takes place in Sifnos with participations from all Cyclades islands, traditional music and dancing.

Serifos in Cyclades, Greece

A small island with secluded character, Serifos has the typical landscape of Cyclades: a lovely village with white houses on the slopes of a hill, small churches, wild cliffs with little vegetation and crystal beaches. The regions of Livadi and Livadakia are the most tourist places in Serifos island, while a drive around will bring you to other organized or secluded beaches to swim. Holidays in Serifos can be combined with other islands in Western Cyclades, such as Sifnos and Milos.

Syros in Cyclades, Greece

Syros is a lovely Greek island located in the centre of Cyclades. In the past, the island gained a lot of its wealth from marine trade, which is why its style is more influenced by the Western style. The architecture of Syros is different than the other Cycladic islands, with many Neoclassical buildings and Venetian mansions. On the hill above the town of Hermoupolis, the capital town, is the traditional village of Ano Syros, a lovely place for promenades. Beaches in Syros island are cozy and relaxing, with many tourist accommodation in walking distance.

Kythnos in Cyclades, Greece

Due to its close distance to Athens, Kythnos attracts many weekend visitors in summer. This is a small island on the western side of Cyclades with traditional architecture, secluded beaches and wild landscape. Merihas and Loutra are the most tourist places in Kythnos, while Chora and Driopida are two lovely villages with authentic style. Apart from its relaxing style, Kythnos is also famous for the thermal springs in Loutra that have healing powers for many diseases and disorders.

Anafi in Cyclades, Greece

Anafi is one of the most secluded islands in Greece. Although it is geographically located close to Santorini, among the top holiday destinations in the world, the tiny island of Anafi stays away from mass tourism and is a favorite place for hikers, naturists and people looking for totally private holidays. As bus schedules in Anafi are not very frequent, visitors must be prepared for long walking. If you go in low season, you will probably be the only swimmers in the large beaches of Anafi.