Discover Chora in Anafi

View to the beautiful village of Chora in Anafi island, one of the most authentic villages of Cyclades

Chora is the only village and capital of Anafi island. This settlement is located on top of a hill cliff, about 3 km from the port and at an altitude of 260 meters from the sea level. Chora in Anafi, Cyclades islands, dates from the Medieval times. The oldest quarter are the houses spread around the Venetian Castle, constructed on the highest spot of the hill. As centuries were passing by, the village was spreading to lower levels.

The architecture of Chora, in Anafi island, is purely Cycladic, with small white houses and narrow paved paths. As the paths are too narrow, vehicles are not allowed to enter the village. However, visitors will see many mules on their stroll around Chora, as this is the main means of transport for many of the few inhabitants. A stroll around will also bring you to many flowered yards and lovely churches, such as the church of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicolas), Agios Charalambos and Agios Georgios (Saint George) on top of the Castle, with Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches. There is also a small Archaeological Collection in Chora, with exhibits from excavations around the island.

Most activities and services in Anafi are concentrated in Chora. There are traditional taverns, few cafeterias, a bakery, a mini-market and some Anafi hotels and studios to cover the needs of visitors. There is also a bus from Chora to the port several times a day and surely there is a bus schedule every time a ferry comes or leaves the island. This bus continues till the Monastery of Zoodochos Pighi, making stops in several beaches along its way.