Holidays in Andros

The impressive lighthouse of Tourliotis off Chora, Andros Cyclades

If you are looking for a relaxing and authentic Greek island for your holidays, have you considered Andros? At a distance of 2 hours by ferry from the port of Rafina, the second busiest port of Attica, Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades group. It distinguishes for the fantastic beaches, the traditional villages and the diverse landscape. In particular, the coasts of Andros are wild and hilly, while the mainland is crossed by streams that create a green valley. This green valley in the centre of Andros is called Dipotamata. The capital town of Andros is Chora and the main tourist village is Batsi. The port of Andros is called Gavrio and nice beaches include Golden Beach and Agios Petros. The island also has many secluded beaches, accessible by boat, track road or even a hiking path.

Andros hotels and tourism

As this is a nicely developed island, tourism in Andros keeps a low profile. There are not busy resorts and places with mass tourism in Andros. There are only traditional villages and nice beaches, some of which are organized with hotels, beach studios and restaurants. Andros is a great destination for families with kids and people who enjoy quiet holidays. Over the last years, it is also becoming a popular destination among hikers and windsurfers.

The majority of Andros hotels and studios are found in Batsi, the most tourist developed place on the island. This is a great place to stay during your holidays as it has restaurants, shops, cafeterias plus a close sandy beach. Some hotels in Andros are also found in Gavrio and Ormos, two less developed tourist places, as well as in Chora, the main town. Other hotels and apartments are scattered in the smaller villages of the island.


The most beautiful and organized beaches in Andros are Golden Beach, Batsi and Agios Petros. These three are the busiest Andros beaches, with soft sand, crystal water, restaurants and hotels. The beach of Ormos Korthi, on the eastern side of the island, is great for windsurfing due to the strong summer winds. The special thing about Andros Greece is that, apart from organized beaches, it also has many secluded beaches accessible through off road paths. This is why beach safari is quite popular in Andros. Such off road beaches are Achla, Vlychada, Grias to Pidima and others.


Villages in Andros keep a traditional and elegant style. The capital of Andros is Chora, a beautiful town with a combination of Venetian and Cycladic architecture. As the locals had obtained wealth due to marine trade until after the Second World War, a walk around Chora will bring you to many elegant mansions, dating from the late 19th and the early 20th century. The past wealth of the locals is also seen in the cultural heritage of Andros, seen in the many museums, libraries and institutions in Chora. In fact, the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros Chora is considered among the best museums in Greece and hosts interesting exhibitions every summer. The countryside of Andros island is also dotted with nice villages, such as Menetes.

Andros in a glance

Where to swim: Golden Beach, Batsi, Achla, Grias to Pidima
Where to stay: Batsi, Chora, Golden Beach
Activities: windsurfing in Ormos beach; hiking and mountain biking in the countryside
For a night out: have a drink in Chora

How to get to Andros

Andros can be reached only by ferry. There are frequent ferries to Andros (4-5 times per day) all year round. Ferries to Andros depart only from the port of Rafina, the second busiest port of Attica, located very close to the airport of Athens (30 min by bus). There is no ferry to Andros from the port of Piraeus, the main port of Athens. Andros is also connected by ferry to Tinos and Mykonos all year round, while in summer there are also ferry connections to other Cycladic islands, such as Kythnos or Syros.

Villages and beaches
The small church of Panagia Thalassini in Chora, Andros island

Chora is the capital of Andros Cyclades. Located on the eastern side of the island, Chora is found at a distance of about 40 km from Gavrio, the main port of Andros. This is a lovely place to walk around, through paved paths, flowered yards and elegant mansions. As Andros was rich until the middle 20th century due to marine trade, Chora has many mansions that used to belong to captains and ship owners....

The beautiful village of Batsi is the most tourist place in Andros island, Cyclades

Batsi is lovely seaside village on the western side of Andros that has developed into a tourist place. There are actually many hotels, studios, restaurants, cafeterias and shops in Batsi, covering the needs of tourists. Due to the close sandy beach, just a short walk away from the village centre, Batsi attracts many visitors who actually choose to have their accommodation there. Part of the beach in...

Gavrio is the main port of Andros Greece. Located on the western side of the island, this is where ferries from Athens and other Cyclades islands arrive. Due to this port, Gavrio gets busy in particular hours of the day. Apart from ferries, the nice port also receives private yachts and fishing boats, creating a nice atmosphere to walk at night. Along the port promenade there are also taverns, restaurants...