Holidays in Kythnos island

The impressive beach of Kolona, the most beautiful place to swim in Kythnos island

Kythnos is a lovely island off the beaten track, geographically located between the islands of Kea and Serifos, in western Cyclades. With traditional Cycladic architecture, beautiful beaches and welcoming visitors, Kythnos island is a true gem to explore for your Greek holidays, especially if you enjoy authentic and quiet places. In summer, there are daily ferries to Kythnos from the port of Piraeus, the main port of Athens, and the trip is about two hours.

Kythnos hotels and tourism

Tourism in Kythnos is family oriented. As this is a quiet island, it attracts many families with kids, who can play safely on the beach all day long. Nightlife in Kythnos island is lounge and bars stay open until about midnight, therefore there are no noisy all night parties. Kythnos hotels are family-run and constructed in the traditional style, with Cycladic architecture and vivid colours. Most hotels in Kythnos are found in Merihas and Loutra, the two most tourist seaside villages on the island. Some accommodation is found in Chora, while nice Kythnos beach hotels are located in Agia Irini, Episkopi and other seaside settlements.


Beaches in Kythnos island are relaxing and crystal. The most famous beach in Kythnos is Kolona, a narrow strip of sand that actually connected the main island with the small islet of Saint Minas and creates two beaches on its sides. Although Kolona beach is not organized with sun beds and umbrellas, it gets very popular in summer with private yachts arriving there. One of the most popular Kythnos beaches is also Loutra, a small organized beach in front of a tourist settlement. The beach of Loutra in Kythnos is famous for its natural springs with the healing powers.

All around Kythnos in Cyclades are nice beaches, some organized and others totally secluded. Episkopi, Agia Irini, Agios Dimitrios and Kanala are only few of the nice beaches in Kythnos island. Small secluded bays with crystal waters, such as Gaidouromantra beach, can be accessed by foot or boat. Even in high season, there is good chance you will be totally alone in some Kythnos beaches.


Villages in Kythnos distinguish for their traditional Cycladic architecture, with the white walls, narrow paths and flowered yards. The capital of Kythnos island is Chora, a fantastic little town on the slopes of a hill. Walk around Chora of Kythnos and see the small houses and the white churches. Another interesting, even more traditional, village of Kythnos is also Driopida, with characteristic red-tiled roofs. In this village, pay a visit to the small Folklore Museum.

Nice seaside Kythnos villages are Merihas and Loutra. These two are the most tourist places on the island, where many Kythnos hotels are found. Merihas is the port of the island, while Loutra is famous for the healing natural springs. Less busy Kythnos villages are Episkopi, Kanala and Agia Irini, where visitors will find many Kythnos beach hotels.


Sightseeing in Kythnos Greece is actually few. Except for traditional villages and relaxing beaches, there are not many things to see on the island. The most important sight in Kythnos is the Church of Panagia Kanala, the protector of the island. In fact, there is a large local festival on August 15th, the celebration day of this church and many pilgrims from Athens and close Cyclades islands are coming to Kythnos.

If you enjoy hiking, you will have the chance to walk across many nice paths in Kythnos island. These hiking paths lead to tiny chapels in the countryside, ruins of Venetian castles and towers, abandoned houses and totally secluded beaches.

Kythnos in a glance

What to do: swim in Kolona beach; take a late evening swim in the hot natural springs of Loutra
For a night out: try a lounge bar in Chora or Merihas

How to get to Kythnos

Kythnos is connected by ferry to Athens. In particular, there are almost daily ferries to Kythnos island from the port of Piraeus, the main port of Athens. In high season, there are usually week ferries to Kythnos from Lavrion, a port town on the southern side of Attica. The ferry trip depends on the vessel and the route, but it usually takes about two hours.

Villages and beaches
Chora, the capital of Kythnos island, has nice Cycladic architecture and lovely atmosphere

Chora of Kythnos is the capital town of the island. As almost all capital towns in the Cyclades islands, Chora of Kythnos is constructed on the highest spot of the island. Until the 16th century AD, the capital of Kythnos was located close to Loutra, on the northern side of the island, and was surrounded by castle walls. However, when that town was destroyed by pirates, the inhabitants moved to a more...

Loutra in Kythnos island is famous for its thermal springs with the therapeutic powers

Loutra is a seaside tourist settlement located on the northern side of Kythnos island, Cyclades. At a distance of 5 km from Chora, the capital of Kythnos, and Merihas, the main port of the island, Loutra is a lovely village with many Kythnos studios and beach hotels. The main beach of Loutra is small and sandy, lined up with few sun umbrellas and fish taverns. Many Kythnos hotels and studios are located...

Private boats in the port of Merihas, Kythnos island

Merihas (or Merichas) is the main port of Kythnos island, where ferries from Athens and other islands of Cyclades arrive. Since Merihas became the port of the island, it also developed a lot in tourism. Most Kythnos hotels and studios are actually found in the bay of Merihas, which is quite large in size. Many taverns and lounge bars are also found there. There is a sandy beach in Merihas, while...

Sightseeing in Kythnos

The church of Panagia Kanala is the protector saint of Kythnos island and celebrates with a large festival on August 15th. This beautiful church is found at the village of Kanala, on the top of a hill. Due to its location, it offers fantastic view to the Aegean Sea. Tradition says that the church was constructed after the locals found a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary. This icon...