Discover Loutra in Kythnos

Loutra in Kythnos island is famous for its thermal springs with the therapeutic powers

Loutra is a seaside tourist settlement located on the northern side of Kythnos island, Cyclades. At a distance of 5 km from Chora, the capital of Kythnos, and Merihas, the main port of the island, Loutra is a lovely village with many Kythnos studios and beach hotels. The main beach of Loutra is small and sandy, lined up with few sun umbrellas and fish taverns. Many Kythnos hotels and studios are located only few steps from the beach, while the inner street has mini markets and shops.

In close distance from Loutra village, Kythnos island, are other nice beaches, such as the bays of Saint Irene (Agia Irini), Shinari and Maroulas. In fact, an ancient Mesolithic settlement dating from 10,000-8,000 BC has been excavated in the region of Maroulas, revealing the oldest settlement in the Cyclades islands.

Nice beaches and secluded bays are found in a short hike from Loutra. These bays have gorgeous water and very private atmosphere. A two-hour hiking path will also get visitors to a ruined Medieval Castle, which was the old capital of Kythnos island before it was laid by pirates.

The name of Loutra village literally means baths due to the thermal springs that exist there. These springs were known since the ancient times for their healing properties and till today they attract many visitors in Kythnos island. On one side of Loutra beach, right beneath the historical Hotel Xenia that does not work today, are two open thermal springs that pour water in the sea. People swim in these hot water with beneficial powers. There is also a Hydrotherapy Center that works in Loutra and is open from May to October in morning hours.