Discover Sarakiniko in Milos

White rocky landscape in Sarakiniko beach, Milos island

Sarakiniko is certainly the most famous beach in Milos. It impresses at first sight for its rare geological formation. Sarakiniko beach actually consists of white rocks that vividly resemble to a lunar landscape. Millions of years ago, when the volcano of Milos erupted, hot lava covered these rocks. Along with time, this lava was petrified and formed Sarakiniko. Due to the strong winds and the salty sea, the rocks gradually obtained their present form.

Due to the volcanic background of the beach, many underwater caves are found under Sarakiniko, making it a great spot for scuba diving. To go to Sarakiniko, visitors can take the bus from Adamas, Pollonia and other villages. Also this beach is usually included in the boat excursions around Milos.