Discover Aliki in Paros

Lovely beach of Aliki in the southern side of Paros island

Aliki (or Alyki) is a lovely fishing village on the southern side of Paros island, 13 km from Parikia. In fact, this place is the closest place to the airport of Paros. Aliki has a small port where fishing boats moor and the coastal road is lined up with fish taverns and lounge bars. A sandy beach with shallow waters is found next to the port. Due to the relaxing atmosphere and the many facilities, Aliki is a great place for family holidays in Paros.

Actually there are many Paros rooms and family hotels in the suburbs of Aliki, as well as good bus connection with other villages and beaches around the island. Nice beaches close to Aliki are Farangas and Voutakos, while in close distance to the village is the private Cycladic Folklore Museum created by Benetos Skiadas. Cultural events take place all through summer in Aliki, including the religious festivals of Agios Ioannis Klidonas in June 23rd and of the Transformation of Christ on August 6th.