Discover Livadi in Serifos

View of Livadi Port from the top of Chora, Serifos island

Livadi is today the largest settlement of Serifos island. This is actually the main port of Serifos where ferries from Athens arrive and where fishing boats and private yachts find a safe shelter to moor. Lined up with boats and yachts, this port is a romantic place to stroll around in summer evenings.

Established around 1870, during the period of the mining prosperity of Serifos, this village followed the fate of this activity and declined in the early 20th century. However, over the last decades, tourism has made this port village grow again due to the many Serifos hotels, studios, taverns, cafeterias and shops that have opened there.

In summer, there is frequent bus connection between Livadi, Chora and other popular spots around the island. Livadi also has the only bank in Serifos. The closest beach is Livadakia.