Discover Apollonia in Sifnos

Nice Cycladic church in Apollonia, Sifnos island
Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos island in Cyclades: Apollonia is the capital village of Sifnos, also known as Stavri by the locals. The name of this village survives from the ancient times and it means that it was dedicated to god Apollo. In fact, it is believed that in the antiquity there was a temple of Apollo on this location but it does not survive today.

Apollonia officially became the capital of Sifnos island in 1836, replacing Kastro which was the capital town until then. This is a lovely village with traditional Cycladic architecture and many churches perfectly integrated to the settlement. The white houses, flowered yards and stone paths create a nice atmosphere to walk around. On your way along the paved paths, you shall see souvenir shops, nice taverns with delicious recipes, small chapels and the Folklore Museum of Sifnos at Heroon Square. This museum hosts local costumes, old photographs, agricultural tools, house ware and other items depicting traditional life on Sifnos island.

Apollonia is also the nightlife centre of the island. There is a long pedestrian street in the centre of the village, lined up with bars that stay open until late at night and attract many young visitors.