Discover Kamares in Sifnos

View to the beautiful bay of Kamares, in Sifnos Cyclades

Kamares, the port town of Sifnos island in Cyclades: Kamares is the largest seaside village and main port of Sifnos island, Greece. The village of Kamares extends on the right side of the bay, just around the port. It has many shops, tourist services and ceramic workshops, which have long tradition on the island. The village got its name because of the many caves in the region, as Kamares actually means arches in Greek. It has Cycladic architecture and many Sifnos studios and apartmens. Some apartments are found by the beach.

On the other side of the bay is the coastal village of Agia Marina, where there are also few Sifnos studios. The church of Agia Marina celebrates with a large panigiri (local festival) on July 16th-17th. At the foot of the mountain above Agia Marina are the Monasteries of Saint Symeon and Prophet Elias. This village offers a fantastic sunset view and is connected to Kamares with a long, sandy beach.