Discover Kastro in Sifnos

Kastro Sifnos: Church of Seven Martyrs
Beautiful Kastro village in Sifnos island, Cyclades: Kastro is arguable the most picturesque village in Sifnos. Built on top of a rocky hill, Kastro distinguishes for the fantastic architecture and its gorgeous view to the Aegean Sea. This settlement was constructed in the Medieval times on the site of the ancient acropolis of Sifnos. In fact, Kastro was the capital of the island in the Medieval era, which is why it developed a lot in culture and economy. Many elegant mansions were built those times in Kastro, Sifnos island, that survive until today. Many of these mansions have Venetia coat of arms, which means that they belonged to noblemen. Sadly many of these mansions as well as the castle walls were constructed using marble elements and stones from the ancient acropolis, practically destroying the ancient monument.

The most famous spot of Kastro is the lovely church of the Seven Martyrs that is found at the entrance of the village. This small church is constructed on a rocky spot by the sea and has traditional Cycladic architecture, with white walls and blue dome. Many other Cycladic churches and houses are found in Kastro, whose name actually means Castle in Greece, as the settlement was surrounded by castle walls in the Medieval era. On your walk around Kastro, you will meet a small but interesting Archaeological Museum that hosts findings from local excavations. At the entrance of the village is also the old Elementary School of Kastro that no longer works today but hosts interesting exhibitions in summer.

Kastro is a cozy place to walk around in the day and have a lounge drink at night. There are few nice bars in Kastro with tables under the night sky and romantic atmosphere. Around Kastro village, there are also few nice beaches to swim in the day, such as Seralia beach.