Holidays in Syros

View to the impressive town of Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros island

Syros is a Greek island with special character. Located in the centre of the Cyclades, Syros is also the administrative capital of this island group. This is a place with rich history that combines Venetian, Neoclassical and Greek traditional architecture. The capital of Syros, Ermoupolis, is an impressive place to stroll around through the paved paths and the large squares with Neoclassical mansions.

Two large churches are built on the two tall hills of Εrmoupolis, one church is Greek Orthodox and the other is Catholic. A very nice place on the island is also the traditional settlement of Ano Syros, located on a hill above the town of Ermoupolis with fantastic view to the Aegean Sea. The rest of the island is spread with seaside villages around nice, clean beaches.

Syros tourism and hotels

Tourism in Syros is family-oriented and ideal for long, relaxing days at the beach. Syros tourism keeps an intermediate profile as it is visited by both families with kids and youth looking for active holidays. Most hotels in Syros are actually studios and apartments by the sea or in close distance from the beach, so that visitors can enjoy long days of relaxation. The special thing with accommodation in Syros is that many elegant Venetian mansions in Εrmoupolis have been transformed into boutique hotels, offering a special accommodation experience.

Villages and beaches

The capital of Syros is Εrmoupolis (or Hermoupolis), a large town with magnificent Neoclassical and Venetian style. The most central part of Hermoupolis is Miaouli Square where is the Town Hall and Apollo Theatre, two buildings of the 19th century constructed by the famous German architect Ernst Ziller. The rest of the town is dotted with small shops, elegant mansions and churches. Do not also miss a walk in Ano Syros where the architecture is more traditional and the view to the Aegean Sea is magnificent. The rest of Syros villages are small tourist settlements by the sea.

The most famous beaches in Syros are Galissas and Megas Gialos. These are two large sandy beaches with crystal waters, traditional taverns and Syros accommodation. Other nice beaches are Possidonia, Finikas, Azolimnos and Kini. Most Syros beaches are organized with sun beds, umbrellas and accommodation, while few others are totally secluded and private.


Sightseeing in Syros is very interesting and mostly includes museums and churches. The two most impressive Syros sightseeing are the Town Hall and Apollo Theatre in Ermoupolis, which has been constructed as a copy of La Scala di Milano. Many festivals and performances take place in summer at this theatre, such as the Syros International Film Festival, the Syros Anima Festival and the International Festival of the Aegean. Other Syros sightseeing include the small Museum of Markos Vamvakaris in Ano Syros, a legendary rebetiko musician with origins from the island as well as the two churches on the hills of Hermoupolis, the church of Agios Nikolaos and the church of Resurrection.

Syros in a glance

Swim in: Galissas, Megas Gialos
Where to stay: In a boutique hotel in Hermoupolis or at a beach studio
Where to eat: In a traditional seaside tavern or at an upscale restaurant in Ermoupolis
For a night out: Bar in Ermoupolis

How to get to Syros

It is easy to go to Syros by ferry or plane.
By plane: There are daily flights to Syros from Athens. The flight time is only 30 min.
By ferry: There are daily ferries to Syros from the port of Piraeus, the main port of Athens. The trip time depends on the ferry type and can last from 4 to 6 hours. In summer, there are also ferries to Syros from the port of Rafina, the closest port to Athens airport.

Villages and beaches
The beautiful town of Ermoupolis in Syros is built on the slopes of a large hill

Ermoupolis (or Hermoupolis) is the capital of Syros island, Cyclades. Constructed around a large port and between two hills, Hermoupolis is a place that distinguishes for its amazing architecture and rich culture. In the 19th century and until the middle 20th century, Ermoupolis was a wealthy place due to its port and its geographically location that allowed trading in the Aegean and the Mediterranean...

The traditional village of Ano Syros is the old Catholic quarter of Syros island, Greece

Ano Syros is one of the oldest and most picturesque quarters of Hermoupolis. It is actually constructed around the hilltop of the right hill of Hermoupolis, just below the Catholic Church of Resurrection of Christ. Ano Syros is the traditional Catholic quarter of Ermoupolis, while Vrontados is the Orthodox quarter and it is constructed on the hilltop of the left hill of Hermoupolis, right below the...

After sunset time at the relaxing beach of Galissas, Syros Cyclades

Located 9 km from the town of Hermoupolis, on the western side of Syros, Galissas is among the most popular beaches of the island. Galissas in Syros is actually a small bay with sandy shore and crystal waters. The soft sand and the shallow waters make it a safe beach for families with kids. In general, most beaches in Syros are very safe for kids, which is why the island is so popular among families....