Discover Ermoupolis in Syros

The beautiful town of Ermoupolis in Syros is built on the slopes of a large hill

Ermoupolis (or Hermoupolis) is the capital of Syros island, Cyclades. Constructed around a large port and between two hills, Hermoupolis is a place that distinguishes for its amazing architecture and rich culture. In the 19th century and until the middle 20th century, Ermoupolis was a wealthy place due to its port and its geographically location that allowed trading in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. This trading tradition had already started since the Middle Ages, when the Cyclades islands were under Venetian rule.

This wealth brought noble family to the island, which built elegant Venetian mansions and Neoclassical buildings to the town. The most central spot of Ermoupolis is Miaouli Square, where two Neoclassical buildings dominate: the Town Hall and the Apollo Theatre, both constructed in the late 19th century by the famous German architect Hernst Ziller. Many festivals and performances take place in summer outdoors at Miaouli Square and in Apollo Theatre, which is a copy of La Scale Theatre in Milan.

Ermoupolis in Syros is a town with many picturesque quarters. The most impressive spot is Vaporia Quarter, a large bay lined up with elegant Venetian houses. Some of these houses have been turned today into boutique hotels with great sea view and into cafe-bars. Other Syros hotels are spread around the town of Hermoupolis, especially close to the port and at the suburbs, in walking distance from the city centre.

The town of Ermoupolis in Syros island also distinguishes for the two large churches that stand on top of two hills: the church of Agios Nikolaos and the church of Resurrection of Christ. The remarking thing is that one of these churches is Orthodox and the other is Catholic, due to the large Catholic community of Syros island. These two churches have an impressive show of fireworks in Easter, which makes Easter time in Syros a very popular period to visit.

Other sightseeing in Ermoupolis are the Archaeological Museum with exhibits from excavations from around the island and the Industrial Museum that is housed in a renovated industrial building close to the port. Do not miss a stroll around the paved streets of Ermoupolis, where there are many souvenir shops, art shops and cafeterias.