Holidays in Kalymnos

View to the fishing village of Vathy on the eastern side of Kalymnos island, Greece

Kalymnos is a very special island of Dodecanese, geographically located on the eastern side of Greece, between the islands of Leros and Kos. The island of Kalymnos stands out for its wild, rocky landscape. In fact, over the last years, this landscape has attracted many rock climbers and even an international rock climbing festival takes place there every October. The main rock climbing parts are the northern side of Kalymnos and the neighboring island of Telendos. Pothia Town is the capital of the island, while nice seaside places are Myrties, Emporios, Vathy, Kantouni and Massouri.

Kalymnos hotels and tourism

Tourism in Kalymnos is family-oriented. The majority of visitors are families and climbers, who are coming to practice rock climbing in the wild mountains of the island. In fact, Kalymnos tourism has developed a lot since few rock climbing schools have opened on the island.

The most tourist regions of this Greek island are found on the southern and the western side. Myrties, Kantouni, Panormos, Massouri and Emporios are the places where most Kalymnos hotels are found. Many other studios and hotels in Kalymnos are situated in Pothia, the capital town. These are all quiet places to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Villages and beaches

The most tourist villages in Kalymnos are Myrties, Kantouni and Panormos, while the main town is Pothia. This is a large town constructed between the slopes of a hill and a natural bay. Very beautiful is also the village of Vathy, a small fishing place surrounded by huge rocky cliffs. The tourist villages are actually constructed along nice beaches of Kalymnos. The beaches of Myrties, Kantouni, Emporios, Massouri, Panormos and Melitsahas are getting busy in summer, although not crowded. Around the island, visitors shall also find many secluded places to swim and relax. Some Kalymnos beaches are organized, while others are totally private.


This small island of Dodecanese has few interesting places to see. The most important thing to do is take the boat trip from Myrties to the neighboring island of Telendos. This is a small island with nice fish taverns, naturist beaches and rock climbing spots. Many visitors actually come to Telendos from Kalymnos as a day trip.

Interesting sightseeing in Kalymnos include the Monastery of Agios Savvas and the Monastery of Agioi Pantes above the town of Pothia, the Medieval Castle of Chryssocheria in Chorio and two small museums: the Sea World Museum and the Folklore Museum, both with very valuable exhibits.

Kalymnos in a glance

Swim in: Arginontas, Massouri, Myrties
Do not miss: a visit to the island of Telendos
For a night out: have a lounge drink in Pothia or Massouri
Popular activity: rock climbing

How to get to Kalymnos

Kalymnos can be reached by ferry from Athens (port of Piraeus) three times per week. The trip is long and takes about 12-14 hours. There are also ferries to Kalymnos from the close islands of Dodecanese, such as Kos, Patmos, Leros and Rhodes. Kalymnos also has a small airport which works only in summer, 2-3 times per week, and operates only flights from Athens. Many tourists also fly to close islands with more frequently-working airports (such as Kos and Leros) and then arrive in Kalymnos by ferry (in 30-60 minutes).

Villages and beaches
Pothia is the largest town in Kalymnos island, with beautiful architecture and large beach promenade

Pothia is the capital town and main port of Kalymnos island. This is where ferries from Athens or close islands arrive. Pothia is a densely-populated town, built between the slopes of a hill and a large bay. It was originally constructed in the 1850s and until today it has expanded a lot, with many neighborhoods and interesting architecture. In Pothia Town, visitors shall find buildings of Neoclassical...

The village of Myrties in Kalymnos Dodecanese is found right opposite the small island of Telendos

Myrties is a tourist seaside village located on the western side of Kalymnos island, Dodecanese. It is found 8 km from Pothia, the capital town, and has many tourist facilities, including hotels, studios, taverns, car and bike rentals. In front of the village is a nice beach of 700 meters with soft, white pebbles and crystal waters. The water at the beach of Myrties is relatively shallow, therefore...

Fantastic sunset from the beach of Kantouni in Kalymnos island, Greece

The beach of Kantouni is found 8 km west of Pothia Town and is one of the three main beaches of Panormos villages. Over the last years, this large beach has grown into an attractive youth spot with beach bars that stay open 24 hours, all night parties and vivid atmosphere. Visitors will find many tourist facilities, such as restaurants, cafeterias, studios and hotels in Kantouni. Along the large beach...