Discover Arkassa in Karpathos

Arkassa is a main tourist village in Karpathos Greece, located on the south western side of the island and 16 km from the main town of Pigadia. Although there are many hotels, studios and other tourist facilities in the region of Arkassa, the village keeps its traditional architecture with houses painted in yellow and other pale colours. There are also many restaurants, taverns and cafeterias in the village centre and the entire region.

About 2-3 km from the village is the beach of Arkassa, a large sandy beach organized with umbrellas and sun lounges. If it is windy, this beach may have waves so visitors need to pay attention. As it is located on the western side, the sunset from the beach of Artkassa is a great experience in Karpathos.

Many other beaches are found in the region, including the beach of Afiartis which is a popular windsurfing spot in Karpathos. The local airport, where flights from Athens, Thessaloniki and from abroad arrive, is also located only 10 min drive away. On the hills of Palekastro above the village are the ruins of the ancient town of Arkessa as well as a 5th century Paleochristian church dedicated to Agia Sofia.