Discover Olympos in Karpathos

View of the fantastic village of Olympos in northern Karpathos

Olympos is the most picturesque village in Karpathos Greece. Located on the northern side of the island, it is found 58 km from Pigadia, the capital town of Karpathos, and 10 km from the port village of Diafani. Visitors can go by ferry from Pigadia to Diafani and then by bus to Olympos, or they can drive there. However, drivers should be careful because the road is windy and narrow.

Due to its secluded location, Olympos keeps more traditional ways in everyday life. Women are dressed in their local customs every day, each house has a wooden oven and a chapel in the yard, while many religious festivals (panigiria) take place. The largest festival takes place on August 14th-15th, on the occasion of the Assumption of Virgin Mary.

Today the 500-600 permanent residents of Olympos in Karpathos occupy mostly with agriculture, cattle-breeding and in summer with tourism. This village was founded in the 7th-8th century when residents of the close ancient city of Vrykous came to this mountainous region to get away from pirate attacks. Olympos took its name from the mountain on the slopes of which it is built.

Today this is one of the must places to visit in Karpathos island as it distinguishes for its special architecture and the sea view. Due to its high altitude, when the clouds get lower on the mountain slopes, they cover the village and create a fantastic atmosphere.