Discover Pigadia in Karpathos

View of Pigadia, the capital town of Karpathos island, Greece

Pigadia is actually the capital of the island, which is why it may also be referred to as Karpathos Town. This is also the main port of Karpathos island. Built around a natural bay, Pigadia distinguishes for its elegant architecture. As many locals had moved in the USA in the past decades, when they returned back to their homeland, they built nice mansions and opened businesses.

A nice place to stroll in Pigadia is the Port Promenade, lined up with seaside restaurants and cafe bars. The old town of Pigadia is crossed by paved paths with shops, restaurants and two-storey buildings. Nice organized beaches are found in close distance from the city centre, where are also Karpathos hotels and studios.

Some interesting places to visit in Pigadia are the remains of Ancient Posideon and the Province House, an early 20th century building of Italian architecture that is now turned into a Centre for Environmental Research. From the port of Pigadia, visitors can take excursion boats to beaches around Karpathos and also to the uninhabited island of Saria.