Discover Lakki in Leros

The port promenade of Lakki in Leros Greece is a nice place for relaxing walks

Lakki is a picturesque village on the southern side of Leros island, spread around a large natural port. Due to this large port, Lakki has become one of the two commercial ports of Leros (the one is Agia Marina), where ferries from Athens and other Greek islands arrive. As this is one of the largest natural ports in the Mediterranean Sea, Lakki was largely used as a stopover and shelter of military ship fleets.

A large historical event that took place on September 26th, 1943 (during World War II) in the Gulf of Lakki involved the sinking of the Greek destroyer HMS Queen Olga by German bombers. This event resulted in the killing of many Greek officers and sailors. There is a War Memorial commemorated to this event at the village of Lakki and every September a naval parade takes place to honor the dead.

In general, Lakki is a place with interesting urban style and nice Neoclassical and Italian-looking buildings, due to the long Italian occupation of all Dodecanese islands from the early until the middle of the 20th century. Streets in Lakki are wider than in other villages of Leros and it has a long port promenade to have a walk. Nice taverns and cafeterias line up the promenade and create a cozy tourist atmosphere.

Visitors shall also find many Leros studios and hotels in the region of Lakki, most of them in a walking distance from the port and the village centre. Buses also depart from Lakki to other villages and beaches around the island.