Discover Argostoli in Kefalonia

Night view of Argostoli, the capital town of Kefalonia island Greece

Argostoli is the capital town of Kefalonia island. With a population of about 14,000 permanent residents, this lovely town spreads around a large bay. Although Argostoli was originally established in the Medieval times, few monuments from the previous times survive today. The severe earthquake measured 7.2 on the Richter scale that hit Kefalonia in August 1953 sadly destroyed a large part of Argostoli, and generally demolished most villages of Kefalonia.

After this earthquake that caused serious damage to most historical buildings and residences in Argostoli, the town was entirely reconstructed and only few signs from the Venetian period survive today. The most popular spots in Argostoli are Valianos Square with many restaurants and lounge cafeterias, as well as the Lithostroto Street (meaning stone-covered) lined up with shops. Some Venetian-style churches also survive in Argostoli Kefalonia, but with evident renovation signs.

Few meters from Valianos Square is the small but interesting Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, which hosts exhibits from various excavations around the island, such as from the Ancient Acropolis of Sami. Exhibits include ancient statues, jewelry, items of daily use, weapons and coins.

The beach promenade of Argostoli with the many seaside taverns is also a nice place to stroll around. At one side of the port is the historical bridge of De Bosset, named after the Swiss engineer Charles de Bosset who constructed it. This bridge was built in 1813 by the British governor of Kefalonia to connect Argostoli with the other side of the bay. In the midway of this paved bridge, there is a small monument in the form of a pyramid, dedicated To The Glory of the British Empire.

About 1 km from Argostoli, on the way to Lassi, there are two sights worth to visit. One is Katavothres, a rare geological phenomenon where the sea water enters an underwater path, runs all across Kefalonia island, reaches the Sea Lake of Melissani and eventually pours again into the sea at the village of Karavomylos, close to Sami town. In this spot, a nice bar has been constructed that stays open until late.

Few meters from Katavothres is the impressive Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi, built in colonial style. This lighthouse is a popular wedding spot in Kefalonia. About 3 km from Argostoli is Lassi, a nice tourist suburb with many Kefalonia hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and two fantastic beaches, Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos.

The port of Argostoli serves very frequent ferries to Lixouri, the town across the bay. Ferries to Lixouri from Argostoli run daily, about every 30 minutes. In summer, there is also a daily ferry to Argostoli from Killini, a port town in Peloponnese, mainland Greece. Buses to all important beaches and villages around Kefalonia also depart from Argostoli. The bus station is at the right side of the port.

Sightseeing in Argostoli, Kefalonia
Impressive lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi in Argostoli, the capital town of Kefalonia island

In a short distance from Argostoli and just next to Katavothres is a wonderful monument, the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi, also known as Fanari. This lighthouse was constructed in 1828 after the command of Charles Napier, the British administrator of Kefalonia that time. The style of the lighthouse is simple and Doric, with 20 columns and an 8-meter tall tower. This lighthouse...