Discover Fiscardo in Kefalonia

The port promenade of Fiscardo Kefalonia is getting very popular with visitors all summer long

Located on the northernmost spot of Kefalonia island, Fiscardo is a lovely port village with cosmopolitan style. Due to its large port, many private yachts and fishing boats moor there in summer, giving a special atmosphere to this place. Fish taverns, cafeterias and bars line up the port, attracting many visitors especially after sunset.

Amazingly enough, Fiscardo is the only town of Kefalonia that survived intact from the severe earthquake of 7.2 that hit the island in August 1953. This is why the village has preserved its traditional architecture, with nice mansions and elegant residences. The village is surrounded by lush greenery and nice bays are found in the region to enjoy a refreshing swim. The most beautiful beaches to swim close to Fiscardo are Foki and Emblissi.

Few meters from the port, at the building of the old school of Fiscardo, there is a small Nautical Museum that also undertakes many environmental actions.

The road to Fiscardo is mountainous and driving there needs extra attention, as there is only one line per direction. The port of Fiscardo is connected with ferry to the port of Vassiliki, in the neighboring island of Lefkada.

A big thank you to Antonis Nikolopoulos from Photography Holidays for the fantastic photos