Discover Karavomylos in Kefalonia

View of Karavomylos, a very special place in Kefalonia, located in close distance to Sami

Karavomylos is a small seaside village on the north eastern side of Kefalonia island, Ionian, just 2 km from the port town of Sami. This village provides a calm and relaxing place to stay in Kefalonia, as it is lined up with family hotels and studios, restaurants and mini-markets. A main road crosses Karavomylos, connecting Sami with Agia Efimia. Sami is actually where ferries from mainland Greece and Italy arrive in summer.

Karavomylos is actually famous for two things: the close Sea Lake of Melissani and the Water Mill. Melissani Sea Lake is a miracle of nature, created when the roof collapsed due to an earthquake and revealed an underground lake with amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

The Water Mill of Karavomylos is actually where the waters of Katavothres of Argostoli arrive. There is actually a strange geological phenomenon taking place in Kefalonia: sea waters from Katavothres in Argostoli enter the underground, run all across the island, pass the Melissani Lake and again pour into the sea at the Water Mill of Karavomylos.

A big thank you to Antonis Nikolopoulos for the wonderful photos