Discover Lixouri in Kefalonia

Coffee tables at the port of Lixouri in Kefalonia island

Lixouri is the second largest town in Kefalonia island. Geographically it is found at the peninsula of Paliki, just across the town of Argostoli, on the other side of the bay. In fact, there is a very regular ferry (every 30 min) between Lixouri and Argostoli, operating every day from early morning until late evening.

The modern town of Lixouri is constructed on the location of the ancient town of Pali, one of the most important towns of Kefalonia island in the ancient times. Unfortunately, Lixouri was entirely demolished from the severe earthquake of 7.2 that hit Kefalonia in August 1953. Almost all houses and public buildings in Lixouri were destroyed and built all over in the following years, which is why most houses in Lixouri are new and without old, traditional style.

The region of Lixouri is controllably tourist-developed, with many luxurious hotels and family apartments. Nice beaches to swim in the region are Xi with the red sand of therapeutic power, Kounopetra, Megas Lakkos, Petani, Platia Ammos and more. On the other side of the peninsula, there is the secluded Monastery of Kipoureon with fantastic view to the Ionian Sea and the romantic sunset.