Discover Xi beach in Kefalonia

Straw umbrellas at the beautiful beach of Xi in Kefalonia island, Greece

Xi beach is a special place on the peninsula of Paliki, which is actually the large peninsula on the eastern side of Kefalonia island, Greece. At a distance of 4 km from Lixouri, the second largest town of the island, Xi is also known as the beach with the red sand in Kefalonia.

This is a 4km long strip of red sand, which is up to 50 m wide from place to place. Its size means that a large part of the beach is secluded, while the main part of Xi is organized with straw umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports. There is also a watersports centers with many fun games, a beach bar, some taverns above the beach and few hotels. On the way to the beach is a large parking space that usually gets full in high season.

This beach took its strange name from the shape of two rocks inside the sea that form the Greek letter Ξ (pronounced Xi) with the shore. The red sand of this beach is believed to have therapeutic powers, which is why many visitors are coming there for mud therapy. The coast is surrounded by impressive white cliffs, composed of soft clay that has been eroded by rain.