Discover Avlemonas in Kythira

The sea water in Avlemonas Kythira is so crystal that looks like natural pool

Located about 20 km north east of Chora, the capital of the island, Avlemonas is probably the most picturesque village in Kythira, Greece. This small village has traditional architecture with small houses and flowered yards. The village is constructed on a rocky promontory and the surrounding sea has fantastic crystal water. The small bays of Avlemonas with the rocky cliffs and the pure water look like natural pools and people usually dive from these cliffs right into the sea or enjoy snorkeling there.

Avlemonas has many Kythira apartments, restaurants and cafeterias. The small port is a popular mooring place for fishing boats and few private yachts in summer. At the edge of this lovely fishing village is a small Venetian fortress called Kastelo (or Castello). This fortress was built in the 16th century by the Venetians as a watchtower to protect the region from enemies and pirates. In close distance to Avlemonas is the large and beautiful beach of Paleopolis.