Discover Chora in Kythira

Arched path in the Medieval village of Chora, Kythira island

Chora is the capital town of Kythira island, Greece. Located on the southern side of Kythira, Chora is constructed on a rocky spot and offers wonderful view over the bay of Kapsali and the Ionian Sea. The highest spot of Chora is crowded by a strong Medieval Castle, originally built in the 13th century by the Venetians who had conquered the island that time.

In general, the town of Chora Kythira has a strong Venetian architecture due to the many centuries of Venetian occupation. There are also elegant mansions from the British era, in the early 19th century. These mansions are restored today and give a special charm. Visitors can walk around the paved paths and enjoy a relaxing coffee or drink at the square. In the evenings, many visitors head to Chora for a lounge drink.

Your steps around Chora Kythira will surely lead you to the Medieval Castle, partly ruined today but still maintaining a strong character. The external walls survive until today and inside the walls there are ruins of houses, public buildings, cisterns and more. Some old Venetian churches also survive inside the Castle of Kythira, such as the Church of Pantokrator, which was built in 1545 and is the oldest church in the Castle, as well as the Church of Myrtidiotissa, built as a Catholic church in 1580 and converted to Orthodox in 1806.

In Chora, people also have the chance to visit the Archaeological Museum, hosting interesting exhibits from the Prehistoric and the Classical times that were discovered in excavations around Kythira island, Ionian. Among the exhibits are a 6th century marble lion. A small hall of the museum hosts few more recent exhibits, such as a Renaissance marble statue of goddess Aphrodite with Eros.

As Chora is the capital of Kythira island, Ionian, it has all facilities and services, including banks, police station, souvenir shops, a health center and some nice Kythira hotels and apartments.