Discover Diakofti in Kythira

The village of Diakofti is actually the port village of Kythira island, Ionian, and has wonderful crystal beaches

Located on the north eastern side of Kythira is the seaside village of Diakofti, which is also the main port of the island. This is where ferries arrive in Kythira. In fact, the port is found at a small islet just few meters from the village of Diakofti and connected with Kythira island via a short road.

The beach of Diakofti amazes visitors with the soft sand and the exotic sea colour. The shallow waters of Diakofti beach make it a safe place for kids, while the atmosphere is great for relaxing. There are some nice Kythira beach hotels in Diakofti as well as restaurants, cafeterias and shops, providing all conveniences to visitors. Just off the bay of Diakofti is a shipwreck that took place few years ago and has now become an important sight in Kythira island.