Discover Porto Katsiki in Lefkada

View to the amazing beach of Porto Katsiki in Lefkada island

Porto Katsiki is the most famous of all Lefkada beaches. Located on the south western side of Lefkada island, this fantastic place impresses visitors at first sight with its landscape and the exotic water. The sea in Porto Katsiki beach varies in colour, from light blue on the coast to deep blue as it gets deeper. This beach in Lefkada frequently appears in world travel magazines as one of the best beaches in Greece.

Porto Katsiki, whose name literally means port of the goats in Greek can be reached through the long narrow street that crosses the western side of Lefkada island. In fact, it is close to the southernmost spot of the island, just before the lighthouse. There is a large parking space above the beach that gets very crowded in high season. This space however provides a great view of the beach, surrounded by a huge white cliff.

There are few steps going down to Porto Katsiki beach in Lefkada island and next to the staircase are a couple of bars with excellent sea view. The beach itself has white pebbles, deepens quickly and has a line of umbrellas and sun beds. Apart from private means, the beach can also be accessed by excursion boats from the port of Nydri, on the eastern side of Lefkada.