Are you having questions on how this Greek travel guide can help you organize your holidays in Greece? Here are some frequently asked questions that we receive and their answers. If you don't find what you need, feel welcome to contact us directly!

I have found in your website a Greek hotel that I like. How can I ask for availability?
Every hotel page in Thalassaholidays.com has a request link on the up right side of the page. You press this link and you are led to the Request Form of the hotel. There you fill in your name, contact details, traveling dates, number of guests and also you can write a small message to the hotel, for additional things you want to mention or ask. Once you press the button "Send request to hotel", your request goes directly to the hotel. Just wait for few hours and they will answer you.

Therefore, your hotel search engine is not online booking...
No, we do not have online booking system for Greek hotel. Our hotel search engine can give you nice suggestions on Greek accommodation and then you will have to contact directly the hotel manager through the request form to arrange for availability and prices. Payment is done directly to the hotel manager upon arrangement. Most hotels ask for a deposit when the booking is confirmed and for payoff at your checkout. But these are details that you will arrange directly with the hotel.

So, why should I send a request to the hotel, when online booking is a much faster prodecure?
If you actually need reasons on this, we can list you many arguments on this issue. First of all, sending a request to the hotel means that you start a more personal communication. You don't just find a hotel through an online booking engine and make a quick booking. You can ask the hotelier questions and clarifications on their facilities, locations, bus service, shops around, etc. A personal communication also means that you can see how professional or friendly is a hotelier and decide whether you should trust them for your holidays or not. We are pretty sure that a bad-mannered hotelier can damage your holidays in Greece... and this is a shame because we know that you have been longing for these holidays for many months, or even years!

Sending a request to the hotel also means that you can bargain the room price or ask for an offer. If you are planning a long stay or if you are making an early booking, do not hesitate to ask for a special offer through your request. It will be challenging for the hotelier and money-saving for you.

Is it compulsory to use this request form only to make a hotel booking?
Surely not. Of course, its main use is to allow visitors to ask for availability, prices and offers for their hotel stay. But you can certainly use this request form to ask the hotel any information you would like and that could help you choose your best accommodation in Greece. For example, you might want to know how far is the bus stop from the hotel, if there is frequent bus transportation, if there are taverns around, or anything else that might trouble you.

So, if I want to book a Greek hotel, I have to contact directly the hotel manager through the request form. Do you have any participation in this communication?
Thalassaholidays.com is not a travel agency, therefore we do not interfere at all during your booking communication with the hotel. We are a travel guide and our job is to present you nice Greek hotels to stay during your Greek vacation. We present these hotels with detailed information, list of facilities, point on Google map, pricelist and photos, so that you can get a full idea of a particular hotel and decide whether it is suitable for your needs or not. If you believe that this hotel is suitable for you, then you can contact directly the hotel manager through the Request Form to ask for availability during your traveling dates.

I like a hotel but I can't see their pricelist.
We persistently ask our hotels to send us their pricelist, as we believe that such information is very useful for visitors. However, some hotels choose not to present their prices publicly and believe that a personal communication with visitors would give the possibility to make special offers and arrangements. Therefore, if a hotel has not announced their prices, we suggest you contact directly the hotel manager through their Request Form and ask for pricelist and special offer during your traveling dates.

I have send a request to hotel but it has been three days and I did not receive any answer from them.
We ask the hotels to check their emails every day so that you get your answer quickly. Unfortunately some hotels need more time on this, which is why we suggest that you wait a couple of days for an answer. If this deadline expires and you still have no answer from the hotel, feel free to contact us at info@thalassaholidays.com to see how we can help you.

Do you provide other Greek holiday services, like ferry tickets to the Greek islands or tours?
Unfortunately, for the time being, we do not provide other services for Greek holidays. We can only suggest you nice Greek hotels to stay. However, if you need information on other travel services, feel free to ask us. We can give you valuable advice on how to book your Greek ferry tickets, tours, car rentals or other information you could need.