Kefalonia Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi

Impressive lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi in Argostoli, the capital town of Kefalonia island

In a short distance from Argostoli and just next to Katavothres is a wonderful monument, the Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi, also known as Fanari. This lighthouse was constructed in 1828 after the command of Charles Napier, the British administrator of Kefalonia that time. The style of the lighthouse is simple and Doric, with 20 columns and an 8-meter tall tower. This lighthouse works until today and its focal plane is 11 meters.

After the devastating earthquake that hit Kefalonia in 1953, the lighthouse was severely destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1960 by the local architect Takis Pavlatos according to the original design plans. Due to the romantic atmosphere, this lighthouse is frequently used as a wedding spot in Kefalonia.