Kefalonia Castle of Saint George

At a distance of 7 km from Argostoli, just on the hill top above the village of Peratata, is the Medieval Castle of Saint George. Originally constructed in the 12th century by the Byzantines, this Castle was given its present form by the Venetians, who also built the external walls in 1504.

The Castle of Saint George in Kefalonia is polygonal in shape and covers an area of 16,000 sq.m. In the Medieval times, an entire town was hosted inside the walls, including storehouses, residences, public buildings, churches, prisons, hospitals and cisterns with water. The location of the castle gives a great view over the southern side of Kefalonia and the Ionian Sea, which made it a perfect spot to watch out for enemies and pirates.

The Castle of Saint George hosted the capital of Kefalonia island until Argostoli was made the new capital town in 1757. During the severe earthquake of 1956, the Castle was largely damaged. Inside the walls, on the lower part of the castle, is a small theatre that hosts cultural events in summer.