Best beaches and villages in Anafi

Anafi is among the smallest and most secluded islands in the Aegean Sea. Administratively it belongs to the Cyclades group and it is located east of Santorini island. A place with few permanent inhabitants (about 250), Anafi island is truly authentic and an ideal place to get away from daily stress. The only village of Anafi is Chora, a traditional settlement with Cycladic architecture and breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea.

Most beaches in Anafi are found on the southern side of the island. The most popular beach is Megalos Roukounas, but also Klissidi and Agios Nikolaos are frequented. Some cozy Anafi beach hotels are found along these three beaches. Due to the few visitors and the large size, Anafi beaches are secluded and perfect for privacy. Some are actually naturist beaches.

Here are the most famous villages and beaches of Anafi. Each location is presented with detailed text, map and occasionally photos and close sightseeing.

View to the beautiful village of Chora in Anafi island, one of the most authentic villages of Cyclades
Chora is the only village and capital of Anafi island. This settlement is located on top of a hill cliff, about 3 km from the port and at an altitude of 260 meters from the sea level. Chora in Anafi, Cyclades islands, dates from the Medieval times. The oldest quarter are the houses spread around the Venetian Castle, constructed on the highest spot of the hill. As centuries were passing by, the village was spreading to lower levels. The architecture of Chora, in Anafi island, is purely Cycladic, with small white houses and narrow paved paths. As the paths are too narrow, vehicles are not allowed...
View to the beach of Roukounas, the most popular beach in Anafi island
Megalos Roukounas is actually the most popular beach in Anafi island, Cyclades. This is a long beach of about 400 meters, with soft sand and fantastic waters. A nice tavern is found there as well as some Anafi beach hotels in a walking distance from the water. In high season, the beach of Megalos Roukounas in Anafi is a frequent spot for free campers, although free camping is officially not allowed by the Greek State. One side of the beach and small neighboring bays are used by naturists. Next to the beach of Megalos (Large) Roukounas is the bay of Mikros (Small Roukounas). This region can be...
The beautiful beach of Agios Nikolaos is located right next to the port of Anafi island, Cyclades
Agios Nikolaos is actually the port beach of Anafi island. This is a nice sandy beach located right next to the main port, whose settlement has few inhabitants only in summer. The beach of Agios Nikolaos is connected to Chora village by bus through an asphalt road. The beach is not organized but has few taverns and Anafi beach hotels on the above hill. If you are looking for a relatively central place to stay in Anafi but still close to the beach, then have a look at the nice studios and apartments in Agios Nikolaos, the port of the island.
Klissidi is a large bay on the southern side of Anafi island, about 30 minutes walk from the port. Along with the beach of Megas Roukounas, Klissidi is among the main beaches in Anafi, Cyclades Greece. This is truly a heaven, with soft sandy shore and crystal waters. Some trees and tamarisks line up Klissidi Beach in Anafi, offering shade to visitors as there are no sunbeds and umbrellas there, neither anywhere on the island. Some traditional taverns are found along the beach, serving local recipes. Few Anafi beach hotels and studios are found in a walking distance from the coast of Klissidi,...
Megalos Potamos is a large beach with pebbled shore. This is a secluded place, no organized at all. There are no taverns or studios at this coast and only few visitors arrive there to enjoy the crystal waters and the total privacy. The name of the beach literary means large river and comes from the water stream that ends there. This stream creates a gorge above the beach, between the hills of Kastelli and Chalepa.
Prassies (or Prassa) is a small pebbled beach located on the southern side of Anafi island and just below the Monastery of Zoodochos Pighi. This is a secluded and totally unorganized beach that offers plenty of calmness and privacy to its visitors. The beach can be reached by foot or with the boat that occasionally transfers pilgrims to the Monastery. After the bay of Prassies is the large limestone and impressive rock of Kalamos, a famous spot on the island.